Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review of Partnership for 21st Century Skills

This was a great site. I think all teachers want their kids to know the new technology. This site offers them a chance for people to be a part of a movement to really do just that.

The guides were very detailed and supportive in nature. It is a great resource in helping our students achieve their technology goals. The reports also give data to support the use of tech by students in their educational goals.

The one thing I was disappointed to see was limited number of states, including my own state of California, that were involved. I truly hope to see more state get involved in this initiative to help kids in this way.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Using Blogs in the Classroom

Using a blog in a classroom can be an effective tool in engaging students. They can use it as a reference too as well as a guidance tool. It can become an integral part to the learning process. There are many ways to use a blog in a classroom and finding the most effective way is something of a debate.

This blog will have many functions. Mainly is will serve as a place for my students to be able to receive any and all information related to the class. I will include test reviews, assignment dates, attachments, reading guides, and many other tools that will allow for my students to access tools for their success.

Students will be able to interact by adding comments to certain sections. This will allow me to see the effectiveness of the blog by determining how many people are visiting it. In regards to sharing, there will be discussion posts where students can ask each other questions and peer tutor by answering those questions. It will give them a forum to interact with each other and have virtual study groups.

There will also be a chance for students to post captions that they feel were integral parts to assignments. Students will then be able to get feedback from other students, which will help them to develop their own thoughts and ideas.

The biggest challenge is the access to my blog. I currently work in South Los Angeles, teaching Anatomy and Physiology at the tenth grade level, and there is a very low socioeconomic situation here. Many of the kids do not have internet access at home. This is why it will be a supplementary situation for them, not a required one. I will also have computers out during study hall once a week so that they can access information that way.